Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are simple in design, stylish and easy to operate. Read on to see the benefits of Harmony Roller Blinds.

Part of the beauty of a roller blind is it's simplicity. They are very easy to use, simply raise or lower the blind to the height you desire. However roller blinds are now available in such a wide and varied palette that they are breaking the tag of 'kitchen/bathroom blind' and moving into other areas of the house.

Not only do we have a huge selection of plain and traditional jacquard fabrics in many colours we also have some ultra modern designs to compliment any décor. Unlike most other blinds you can customise roller blinds with shaped scalloped edges, decorative braids, a selection of poles or decorative pulls and also new eyelets. We also offer a great selection of dimout and blackout fabrics with many patterned designs - not just plain fabrics.

Child safety and Roller Blinds.

Roller blinds have many options with regards to child safety. The most basic of these is a traditional spring loaded roller blind which removes the need for a control chain. If you prefer the more traditional cord control ask about our easybreak chains which break open if under too much strain - and don't worry it's easy just put it back together afterwards.


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