Conservatory Blinds


When you are looking to put blinds in your conservatory, you need to be sure you are using a professional who knows exactly what they are doing.....!

Here at ABA Blinds Direct our consultants are trained to be experts in conservatory blinds. They will access your needs and advise you of the type of blinds you will need.

Available options:

These days you can't pick up a paper or turn on the television and not hear about the credit crunch or global warming and you'd be forgiven for wondering why we mention this here, but the fact is that having blinds at your windows can save energy - which can only help reduce your bills and also save the environment. We also have special performance fabrics, these are coated on the back to help reflect sunlight away during the warm summer months (stopping you conservatory becoming a greenhouse) and help to reflect heat back in during the winter (to stop your conservatory becoming unusable).

Perfect Fit® Blind System

Although all of our blind types will look amazing in your conservatory - as well as doing a perfectly adequate job - new Perfect Fit® blinds are the ultimate in conservatory blinds.

For a start there is no need to drill or screw into your conservatory, the blinds simply fit to your windows without the need to damage them and the close proximity of the blind to the glass reduces heat loss even more.
Available with pleated, venetian or roller blinds you will be able to find the correct shade or design to accomodate your decor and benefit from Perfect Fit®.

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