Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds are easily the most popular blinds around, and here's the reason why

Versatility and ease of use are by-words of the Vertical Blind. The blind as a whole can be drawn to the side to give unrivalled views through your window or the drapes can be rotated through 180° to alter the amount of light entering your room and maintain an element of privacy.

Huge choice of colours and designs. From luxurious faux suede fabrics to contemporary printed and woven designs to more traditional jacquard fabrics. Many of our fabrics are machine washable, extending the life of your Vertical Blind.

We also carry a large selection of Dim out and Blackout fabrics if you need more protection from the sun - for example in a conservatory or on a south facing window. High performance fabrics offer a range of functions including glare reduction, light reflection, fire retardant fabric.

Our range of head rails include the slimline ‘Megantic’ track and wide bodied ‘Amtrack Plus’ with a rounded contoured body and enclosed endcaps which hide the mechanism to give a smarter look when fitted.

We carry Child Safe options for vertical blinds. These include the mono-wand system which eliminates the need for control cords and chains and also our new stitched in bottom weights. You no longer have to have a trail of connecting chain from drape to drape across the bottom of your blind (a choke hazard for children and pets). Ask your consultant about Child Safety from ABA Blinds Direct.

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